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Sexual Enhancement

Virility Pills VP-RX Penis Enlargement Male Enhancement Formula. No prescription or penis exercises necessary! Penes enormes y grandes penes!

VP-RX 1-2 Bottles

VP-RX 3 Plus Bottles

VP-RX Oil is America's #1 Male Enhancement Oil Formula!


VigRX pills are America's best selling Virility Pills!


Vig-RX Oil

VigRX Oil

MAGNA-RX - Natural Penis Enlargement Pills

Magna RX
Penis Pills

Our Virility Patch Rx will give you what she really wants, a bigger you through real penis enlargement without pills, creams, exercises, surgery, weights or a prescription!

Virility Patch Rx
Penis Patch


Penis Cream

MAXODERM Connection

MAXODERM Connection

ACTivator Cream (Formerly Fem-Sations) is the Ultimate Female Multiple Orgasm Cream!

ACTivator Female
Orgasm Cream

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Vigorelle Cream Is For Her Pleasure!

Female Orgasm Cream


Welcome to YesYouCanDiet Online Store

YesYouCanDiet Online Store™ is pleased that you have decided to shop our Online Store for diet and weight loss, male and female sexual enhancement, skin care and other As Seen On TV products. We feel confident that you will find all our products to be the finest dieting and sexual enhancement products available today! You will also find many bargains and FREE OFFERS on our web sites for diet, sexual enhancement and skin care products.

Diet & Weightloss Products

Recent studies provide evidence that being overweight isn't just bad for you...


The October 1999 Journal of the American Medical Association published studies warn, "Obesity is a major cause of mortality in the United States" and of Americans 18 years and older...about 280,000 deaths a year may be attributable to being overweight!

A recent study of more than 1 million Americans, in the New England Journal of Medicine, concluded that obese people — defined as being more than 30 percent over your ideal bodyweight — run a significant risk of dying early, even if you're relatively healthy and don't smoke!

And according to the Centers for Disease Control, the population of obese men and women in America has increased from 12% in 1991... up to 17.9% in 1998 and to 23.9% (2000) and they even suggested these figures may be much too conservative!

Today, two of three Americans aged 20-74 is overweight. That's up from one in four in 1980. Similarly, 11 percent of children aged 6-17 are overweight as well. That's a staggering statistic!. Nearly 70 percent of diagnosed cases of cardiovascular disease and 80 percent of noninsulin-dependent diabetes are related to obesity. Half of all breast cancer cases are diagnosed among obese women, and obese patients account for 48 percent of colon cancer cases. 

But there is some Good News...

No matter whether you're a little... or even a lot overweight!

We have the weight loss solution you're looking for!

Are you fighting to keep the weight off?

Tried dieting but gained back everything you lost -- Plus More?

If you're tired of all of the outrageous claims and the hype around some 'amazing' new products.... If you're fed up with the gimmicky products and the fraudulent promises and guarantees offered by other products.... If you are not wanting to dedicate the time and expense to the sometimes strenuous trips to the gym.... And if you are still serious about losing weight:

Now Is A Good Time To Start!!

Introduction..... A New Approach To Losing Weight!

It's time to tell the truth about how difficult... even impossible it is to lose weight by dieting. It's time you learned how dieting and diets actually cause you more problems than they solve! And you need to know about a new, simple and effective way to lose weight . . . without the frustration . . . without harmful dieting?

A proven product for weight loss that works with your body not against you... It's simple to use, all natural and best of all... It really works!

And we're so sure it work!!!!

Now you can lose all the excess pounds and inches you want and... keep them off!

Finally a weight loss system you can live with, because there's:

  NO... Torturous exercise regimens!
  NO... Behavior modification requirements!
  NO... Liquid diets and fasting!
  NO... Restrictions against eating your favorite foods!

No matter whether you're a little... or even a lot overweight! We have the weight loss solution you're looking for!

HGA Human Growth Agent

HGA Human
Growth Spray
Premium Diet Patch

Diet Patch

DietCalc Electronic Calorie Calculator

DietCalc Diet Planner

Sexual Enhancement Products

Male Enhancement

For male sexual enhancement we have male virility penis enlargement pills like Virility Pills VP-RX, VigRX, Magna-RX and other As Seen On TV products so you'll want to be sure to take a look through EVERYTHING! If you prefer the convenience of a transdermal skin patch we have Virility Patch Rx and MaxiDerm. Our male virility enhancement penis cream and penis oil products include MAXODERM, MAXOLUBE, VP-RX Oil and VigRX Oil. All four forms, penis pills, penis patch penis cream and penis oil can assist with male impotence, erectile dysfunction and other erection problems and they use all natural herbal male enhancement ingredients to help bring more fullfillment to your love and sex life.

Female Enhancement

For the women we have female sexual enhancement products like ACTivator Cream and Vigorelle Female Orgasm Cream to ehance their pleasure as well.

Be sure to watch for Quantity Pricing & Free Offers on many of our products and SAVE!

Skin Care Products

There are many skin care products on the market and it's almost impossible to decide which to try first. We have taken the guesswork out of this problem for you and narrowed the field of choices to just three manufacturers of skin care products. They are Hydroderm and Youth-Factor. These are the best in their individual areas of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin care products.

Hydroderm Fast Actiing Wrinkle Remover


Youth Factor Skin Care System

Youth Factor
(Formerly Botopical)

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